Diamond Supply Co.

Since we first started selling Diamond, we haven’t rocked a brand harder or as often. This is without a doubt the Year of the Diamond; Diamond is seen everywhere we go, whether it was the sold out Curren$y show in LA (it looked like part of the admission was to wear Diamond), the sold out Big Sean show in Santa Barbara or even surprisingly  TAO(Together As One) music festival, yes that was a rave. Diamond is killing almost every aspect of the game (wait till the shoes drop!) and isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

Besides there clean images based around that precious mineral, they have supported many rappers from day one like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, Strong Arm Steady, Rick Ross and Wale to name a few. They also have collabed with every major brand you can possibly think of such as The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Nike, Crooks and Castles, to name a few and have made them most wanted tees.

Started in 1998, by bay area native skateboarder/designer Nick Tershay aka Nick Diamond, as a skateboard accessory and clothing company. The brand has since evolved and back in 2005 released some of the most valuable Nike SBs ever released by Nike, the “Tiffany” Dunks, and ever since, Diamond has taken off and never looked back.

Not to mention Diamond’s Skate Team, the closest to a dream team in skateboarding, with crew members like Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy, Bob Burnquist, Kareem Campbell and such newcomers as Torey Pudwill.

P.Rod repping Diamond/Primitive Collabo

Just in case you don’t believe us on Diamond here’s some pics of some our favorite artist’s repping Diamond. So when our new order comes in this week don’t sleep on it !! (Look on our Facebook and Twitter for Special Offers on them)

Wale and Curren$y reppin'

Chris Breezy reppin'

Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan Collabo w/ Diamond (Nick Diamond pictured)

Rick Rozay Repping Maybach Music Collabo w/ Diamond

TK and Fly Society Clan Reppin'

Thanks for reading our Diamond Supply Co. crash course…. NOW DONT SLEEP ON EM!!


Oh yah... Couldn't forget your secret man-crush Zac Efron!!


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Founded in Ventura, given life in '09. The Biz is a clothing boutique dedicated to bringing a nice new style that can be respected by all on these sunny shores of Southern Cali. We're built off of nothing but dedication to fashion and having fun, while bringing smiles to the faces that surround us. Our life's mission is to bring awareness of the quickly uprising scene of street wear to those who remain oblivious to it while at the same time making it available to those who choose to embrace it. In opening this streetwear boutique, we hope to reach as many friends as possible to show that we mean business when we talk about fashion. Check us out on FaceBook and Twitter and if you have any questions at all,email us at thebizguys@gmail.com or feel free to call (805)643-3479. -The Biz Kids-

7 Responses to Diamond Supply Co.

  1. DyLan says:

    Does Diamond sell the shirt they use in their logo? because i have been looking all over for it and havent seen one anywhere. Should i stop looking because they don’t sell it, or should i look deeper? If you know where it is sold and i can buy one could you please let me know

    thanks a lot!

  2. carlitohnutz says:

    fuck man thanks to alll these fucking pricks like khalifa and shit every fucking person is wearing diamond and they act like they no wats up they dont know shit i been wearing all this shit yeears ago all these braands have gotten played out thanks to gay rappers and pretty boys and shit. and nike sb is the shit people dnt know about it caause they cant afford it. not the new ones im talking bout the real shit like ray guns tiffany”s^^ sea crystals dooms and etc


  3. PerLA'Huerta. says:


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